Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Yesterday Once More

When last I left these pages, I was lamenting about the impending loss of two of my beloved Macs; my Plus "Selena" and my Portable "Galatea". Fate has a strange way of turning things around it seems.
I was gifted with 22 Macs in various condition (13 ended up being dead or at least inoperable) in early February 2009. Amongst this collection were two Mac Pluses, including one that was an original Mac 128kb that had the Plus 1mb update. Both of the Pluses worked, but the elder of the two was a little flakey. The problem? The main logic board. The answer? Simply replace it with the MLB from Selena. Result? A functioning Mac Plus, sans bad analog board. Selena lives!
Which brings us now to Galatea. When I attempted to fire this Portable up in late December 2008, it would stutter and die. After trying this a couple of times, I decided that the power management unit had finally bid the the last farewell. That wasn't the case. The problem was the hard drive. By disconnecting the hard drive, the Portable would boot via floppy. It took a couple of tries, but I was even able to get the hard drive to boot. Plans call for a replacement drive to be dropped in. This is no simple task; I have to build a customized cable. I have the parts, though, and that's half the battle.
Needless to say, it is Very Good to have these machines running again.